Have you ever stayed silent for the sake of comfort?

When I was younger, this is what I always did.

I never spoke out.

I mean, what was the point?

I was a child who wasn’t visibly white, and a girl to add for good measure. No one wanted listen to a brown girl anyway.


As an adult, I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, along with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and severe anxiety, and bouts of body dysmorphia.

So yeah, staying silent isn’t good for you.

Do not stay silent about your struggles.

Someone bullied you? Say something.

Someone assaulted you? Say something.

Someone is racist, sexist, or just generally xenophobic towards you? Say something.

Living in fear will almost always lead you to a very dark path in your mind. Whether it’ll show physically or only stay mentally – it is not a pleasant experience.

I am here for the people who cannot say it out loud, I will be here for you.

People have different experiences; experience life differently due to culture, family, and friends. However we cannot deny that there are people out there who try to romanticise your pain. Do not let them.

One day, even I had to accept that enough was enough – doesn’t matter that I was already in my adulthood.

I wanted to experience life in a different life.

I wanted to help people accept themselves, be there for them just like how I would have wanted someone to be there for me.

I want to experience happiness.

I want you to experience happiness too.



p.s. anime and cute things help with learning happiness too – so let’s do experience it together, okay?